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Donna is always physically active, in both summer and winter. Skiing is a winter favorite.

Donna Henry loves how the Spokane River twists and winds its way through the city, changing course to accommodate the streets and buildings. It is always ever-present, touching the lives of the people who live in Spokane as well as the people who pass through the city, leaving a lasting impact. To Donna, the river is like life itself. Sometimes a person’s life can move in the wrong direction. But if you do something that makes a difference to that person, you can change the course of his or her life; just the way changing the flow of the water makes a river change course. That desire to make a difference is the greatest driving force in this gifted professional’s life.

Donna and her husband, Rob, love to spend time outdoors with their daughter, Olivia Ella.

Caring and Compassion
Donna was 25 when she volunteered for the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program, and for the next seven years she was both sister and mentor to a little girl named Jessica. “She was only five when I first met her, and she was afraid to come near me,” Donna remembers, “but eventually she touched my life as much as I touched hers.” That experience set Donna on a life course that’s had an impact on many lives, from the children she helps through the Wishing Star Foundation to the families she guides through one of life’s major events.

A Heritage of Helping Others
Donna was born in upper New York State, but her mother’s work as a nurse for the Veteran’s Administration took them all over the county. Ask her where her desire to help others comes from and she’ll tell you through the example set by her mother, who devoted her career to disabled veterans, “She’s the kindest, most generous person I know,” Donna says. “She’s the one who taught me to always think of other people.” It was her mother who inspired Donna’s pursuit of a career in the dental field. Donna spent 12 years in the field before co-founding R&D Construction with her husband, Rob, a business that’s fueled by their shared passion to help families create the perfect lifestyle.

Donna is deeply committed to her clients and their goals.

A Legacy Continued
Donna’s devotion to making a difference is the foundation of her successful career as a real estate professional. Donna understands that any move involves a transition—whether it’s the purchase of a first home, or the sale of a home lived in for decades. It’s not just her special sensitivity to the challenges and stresses that come with a move that makes Donna unique, but the fact that she considers it her mission to make the process smooth and stress-free for everyone involved. Donna makes this possible through the use of sophisticated telecommunications technology to support the comprehensive service she offers, including timely and detailed market information and follow-up.

The Passion to Make A Difference
Donna’s years of experience in the construction industry gives her clients the key advantage of a professional who is exceptionally capable of accurately assessing both the value and the potential of a property. She offers a wealth of knowledge and advice for repairs and upgrades for buyers and sellers alike to help them make the most of their valuable investment. Best of all, Donna truly listens to you. “Listening is at the heart of what I do,” she says. “There’s no better way to make a difference in the life of another person than listening to them.”

Donna goes the extra mile to serve her clients with the highest level of care and expertise, offering answers and information even before being asked. She stays in constant contact with each one to ensure that every need is met. If you’re considering the sale or purchase of a home in the Spokane area, contact Donna Henry, the professional with The Passion to Make a Difference. Call her today for a complimentary consultation.

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